The System

What are indoor unit distance limits?

Limits for indoor units installation depend on outdoor unit model and on configuration chosen (monosplit, multisplit…). Check limits table in our catalogue or in Outdoor Units Section.

Where is it possible to install iSeries?

iSeries can be used as air conditioning system almost everywhere: flats, lofts, villas, independent houses but also in offices, shops, restaurants, hotel… Check the Application Section for more details.

How many rooms can iSeries serve?

The number of rooms depends on outdoor unit model and application chosen. For example, with an air ducted or an underfloor system it’s possible to heat/cool a lot of rooms with a single installation.

What is iSeries?

iSeries is a full DC inverter heat pump system designed for heating, cooling and domestic hot water service. It fits perfectly both residential (flats, villas…) and commercial (offices, shops…) applications. It’s completely Made in Italy.

I don’t find nominal capacity for every indoor unit. Why?

iSeries gets over old concept of nominal capacity for indoor units. All models are divided in only 4 sizes (A, B, C, D). Capacity of every size can change from a minimum to a maximum value (i.e. size A up to 4 kW) according to operation conditions. The result is higher comfort and reduction of energy input.

How many models of indoor units are there in iSeries range?

There many models available: high-wall, floor/ceiling, console, cassette, ducted. All models can be mixed together (i.e. two high-wall units and two cassette). Check Indoor Units Section for more details.

In my house I have predispositions for air conditioners. Can I install iSeries units?

Yes, of course. All iSeries units can be installed even using predispositions provided for R410A refrigerant gas.

Can I use iSeries for heating when outdoor temperature is very low?

iSeries system is designed to work even where outdoor temperatures are very low (down to -32° C). When operation conditions are so hard, COP (coefficient of performance) is around 1.

Domestic Hot Water (eMix & eMix Tank)

Is it possible to connect at the same outdoor unit eMix and standard indoor units?

Yes, it is possible because there is a special refrigerant port for eMix connection. In this way, eMix and standard indoor units (high-wall, cassette, ecc..) can be connected at the same time with a single outdoor unit.

My only purpose is to produce domestic hot water. Can I use eMix?

eMix connected to a single outdoor unit realizes an high-efficiency heat pump system for domestic hot water service.

What is the maximum temperature for water when eMix is used in a monosplit configuration (one outdoor and one eMix)?

In this case, maximum temperature for water is 60°C.

Which type of accessories has to be installed on water circuit?

Accessories required are the same used with any other domestic hot water system (gas or electric boiler): filters or softener, mixing valve, vent valve, etc…

What about Legionella?

eMix runs automatically a Legionella protection cycle. No setting or scheduling are required.

When I am not at home and indoor units are switched off, what happens to eMix?

Even when all other indoor units are switched off, eMix preserves water heating. Water temperature is continually controlled by eMix.

Can I save money sing eMix?

Using iSeries + eMix, instead of traditional water heating systems, it’s possible to save up to 50% during winter. During summer, when the system is in cooling mode, domestic hot water service is free of charge thanks to heat recovering!

What is eMix unit?

eMix is the brand new unit in iSeries range. eMix is designed specifically for domestic water heating.

Why eMix is so innovative?

eMix is a step beyond in domestic hot water systems. With eMix unit is now possible to heat water up to 80° C using energy of heat pump. Furthermore, eMix can provide domestic hot water service during cooling operation.

What happens when, during summer, the system is cooling and eMix is heating domestic water at the same time?

This is the best condition for the system. In fact, during this condition eMix is heating the water free of charge recovering energy that would be lost outside.

Hydronic Applications (HydroKit)

In my house there is an underfloor heating system. Can I connect it to iSeries?

Thanks to hydrokit unit, it’s possible to use energy from heat pump to heat the water of an underfloor system. You don’t need any other accessories like gas boilers.

I want to use underfloor heating system during winter and split indoor units for cooling during summer. Is it possible?

With iSeries technology it’s now possible to connect to the same system hydrokit unit, which will be used for heating during winter, and split indoor units for cooling during summer and heating in the mid seasons.

Where hydrokit unit has to be installed? What is the distance limit?

Hydrokit has to be installed in a sheltered space (technical room). Distance limits are the same as any other standard unit.