iSeries system – Features and benefits of air conditioning system Made in Italy by  Argo

eMix and eMix Tank – Brand new indoor units for domestic hot water service

iSeries SDHV – A new way for ducted system: low noise and high comfort level

iSeries Webgateway – System controls TC43/WB43: features and applications

Hydrokit update September 2014 – See all updates introduced in the new version of Hydrokit unit

DC Motors – Overview about iSeries indoor units fan speed management technology

Air Filters – iSeries indoor units filters class. Focus on Titanium Dioxide option

Sound level and test method – Noise and air conditioning, difference between sound Pressure and sound Power, test procedure

iSeries and Aquaset control system – Features and operation of Aquaset control system, used with iSeries Hydrokit

iSeries + eMix: DHW application – How to use iSeries with eMix just for domestic hot water service

eMix Tank + solar sytem – eMix Tank connection with a forced circulation solar system

eMix performance charts – eMix performance in several operating conditions

Technical Manual iSeries – iSeries system complete technical document

New inverter cassette – All new features available with inverter cassette


eMix hydraulic layout

eMix Tank hydraulic layout

iSeries applications layout

iSeries mixed system – Residential application for underfloor heating and direct expansion indoor units

iSeries mixed system + DHW  – Full service system for heating, cooling and hot water service

iSeries with SDHV ducted system– Main features of iSeries combined with SDHV unit