TC43 Touchscreen controller & WB43 Webgateway
TC43 and WB43 are two system controllers able to manage iSeries air conditioning, heating and DHW services (up to 4 systems per controller) using a web interface.
WB43 is designed to be used with a web browser on PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone, Android phones (IExplorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox are supported); TC43 offers the same service but it’s also equipped with a 5” capacitive touch screen. For this reason it’s, actually, a stand alone controller and no other device is strictly required.
wb43Both WB43 and TC43 are able to manage DHCP protocol, so they can be used with dynamic IP address but also with static IP address (very common in VPN). They are connected to iSeries system with serial RS485 (4 serial ports for each controller) and to local net with Ethernet 10/100 on RJ45.
Thanks to a router on the local net and to controller’s compatibility with DynDNS protocol and Tunneling services, you can have full remote access to iSeries without using static IP.
Every device using a web browser connected to local net, via Ethernet or via WiFi, can manage iSeries through TC43 and WB43. Both controllers can give access to operational parameters of indoor units (temperature set point, ventilation, cooling/heating mode, etc…) but also to supervision, maintenance, diagnostic, users’ profile services.
TC43 and WB43 are very easy to install, you just have to connect them to iSeries bus and to a 12 VDC power.

Control System

REMOTE CONTROL – Wireless or wired Universal Digital Interface


“EASY Mode” buttons
The new layout lets you simply and quickly choose the start up and the two operating modes, cooling and heating.

“WIRED Mode”
The remote control may also be used as a wired command by simply removing the protection lid and connecting the communication cable to the indoor unit.

All air-conditioner operating parameters can be controlled from the remote control: operating modes (auto or cooling only, heat pump only, dehumidification only, fan only), 1h and 24h timer, desired temperature, ambient temperature reading, TiO2  filter activation (where fitted), fan speed, flap oscillation for optimum air distribution in the room and economy or night functions. Many operations can be set automatically or managed when needed, including the deactivation of the LED indicators for those that prefer complete darkness at night.

Set point 10°-32°: Set point 10°-32°: You can set indoor temperature from 10° up to 32° C. This is a very useful feature for low ambient cooling applications or when a minimum winter temperature is required (vacation houses). In this case, it is possible to save a lot of energy by setting 10°/12° C and maintain a good level of comfort at the same time.

Timer: Wireless remote controller timer provides a lot of functions for indoor units on/off scheduling: Single On-Off mode; 1h mode for 60 minutes operation; Daily for every day operation; Weekend for 99 days delay on On-Off and Daily mode (not available in 1h mode).




Control box unit is designed and built to be used with SDHV (Small Duct High Velocity) indoor units. In this way, they can be integrated in iSeries system, like any other indoor units. This control system brings a brand new feature for ducted indoor units: automatic control of air flow rate, according to indoor temperature set point. Why is this feature so important? Because, in this way, the amount of air flow is always adjusted following the temperature difference between indoor spaces and setpoint. The result of this type of regulation is a very high level of comfort both in cooling and in heating operation. Control box unit has three main components: main metal box, IR receiver and IR wireless controller.

Main unit is composed by electronic boards with BUS and power line wiring connections, inside a metal box. This box has to be fixed with screws on ducted indoor unit; its position can be choose according to available space (lateral side or upper side). Installation is always easy and comfortable. There are some input contacts on main electronic boards, such as: remote on/off contact, optional drain pump and a flow switch used to turn off the unit in case condensate overflow.

Infrared receiver is connected with main electronic board with a 10 meters cable. The receiver is normally wall mounted. Its function is to transmit the signals coming from wireless controller to electronic control system. There are three leds on it, for stand by or operation status and for timer.

Wireless controller coming with Control Box is the same of any other iSeries indoor unit. In this case, it works like an indoor thermostat which will communicate (trough infrared receiver) the indoor temperature to main control board. In this way, thanks to advanced regulation control system, air flow rate will be modulated matching indoor temperature and setpoint. iFeel function is very useful in this case. This option compares air temperature value read by wireless controller and return air one. Normally, in a ducted application the controller will be placed far from return air point. iFeel function, providing a better analysis of temperature trend, will help control system calculating the right amount of air flow for indoor rooms.




Aquaset control system has been developed and upgraded by Argoclima R&D department. Aquaset is provided as standard with Hydrokit units of iSeries range. These units can be used for hydronic applications, such as: underfloor heating/cooling, fancoils, low temperature radiators (air2air or mixed air2air and air2water configurations). Aquaset control main goal is to manage water temperature for hydronic system, calculating water setpoint. This value is defined according to several parameters of the software. One of these parameters has a great importance: outdoor air temperature. Using so called “Water Law”, Aquaset regulation calculates water setpoint in accordance with outdoor air temperature. When outside temperature is increasing, water setpoint will decrease (for example, during spring or autumn).

This feature gives two main benefits for end users: high level of comfort in any climate conditions and money saving thanks to low energy input when there is no need of much heating. During commissioning of Hydrokit unit it is possible to set hydronic application type (underfloor, fancoils, etc…) in order to optimize performance and operation. Other parameters can be set, for example outdoor air threshold for heat pump operation. This value can be choose according to climate conditions (milder or colder). Aquaset can manage back up heating source, too. In this case, back up is provided by electric heaters on Hydrokit unit. These elements are automatically managed by software with energy saving focus: they will be used only if strictly necessary. Moreover, there are some parameters to be set in order to modify electric heaters operation.



Aquaset control system has two main components: control panel and outdoor air sensor. Control panel is employed both by technicians during start up for parameters setting and by end users for management of all control functions, such as: on/off, cooling/heating mode selection, “anti-freeze” option during stand-by mode, etc…

Aquaset is a chronothermostat, too: end users can program on/off scheduling during 24 hours a day, choosing desired temperature setpoint.
Outdoor unit sensor is used by software in order to calculate water setpoint according to outdoor conditions.