cover2016 ISERIES 2016 Catalogue


Argoclima presents in this catalogue all the news of ISERIES system, heat pump and solar thermal together. The heat pump and solar thermal technologies today are very used in combination. Argoclima offers all the benefits in one of the last products of the family iSeries: iSeries system mixed air-to-air and air-to- water. iSeries is able to provide the full energy for the hot sanitary water service without increasing power consumption: thanks to this innovative design, the system is able to exploit independently the energy recovered during cooling operation.

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XFETTO Catalogue – NO OUTDOOR UNITcop_Xfetto_2015_en


XFETTO is beautiful, thin, versatile … and can stand in the space under the windows … ideal for the historic centers. It ‘available in both air-cooled and water-cooled versions (COP up to 4.68). Goodbye outdoor unit …. and goodbye radiator: ON/OFF versions can be connected, via dedicated hydraulic module, directly to the heating traditional system and play in the winter the same function as a radiator … 3 in 1: air conditioning and heat pump, besides traditional heater.The FULL DC INVERTER version ensures high performance with low power consumption, thanks also to the ECO and High Power functions.

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