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Argo @ MCE 2016

Argo will attend MCE 2016. The exhibition will take place in Fiera Milano from March 15th  to March 18th. Our stand will be in pavilion 15 position S31 T30. This will be a nice occasion to introduce you some news for iSeries system in hydronic application too. And not just this… Come and join us, we wait for you!

MCE 2016

Sept. 26th, 2015 … welcome to the new heat pump labelling

September 26th will be a significant date for air to water and water to water heat pumps. On this day, in fact, the European Directive 2009/125/CE will find implementation for these kinds of products through two Regulations which will be immediately mandatory for all Europe: no. 811/2013 and no. 813/2013 concerning respectively the Eco-design requirements and the Energy labelling for air to water and water to water heat pumps. The aim of new Directive is the continuous progress of new products. The new labels will be mandatory for heat pumps with nominal capacity up to 70 kW. Heat pumps will be divided in low temperature and medium temperature applications. This is a medium temperature application energy label:

Microsoft Word - erichetta_en.docx

Main changes introduced by new labelling are:

  • Low and medium temperature applications heating performance declarations required
  • Seasonal space heating energy efficiency
  • Energy efficiency classes from A++ to G
  • Heating capacity declaration in accordance with climatic areas (colder, average and warmer)
  • Sound power declaration (indoor value only if necessary)

Products put on the market before 26th of September, even not compliant with new Directive, may be sold and installed.


Hot summer? Get your DHW for free with iSeries!

It sounds strange, but with Argo it’s reality!Stampa
With iSeries, the more you use your air conditioner to cool your home, the more hot water for domestic use you can get FREE!
How it’s possible?
Thanks to the innovative technology of heat recovery used in cooling mode by iSeries and eMix .


Just a little example: using a small set composed by one AEI1G42, one or two indoor units and an one eMix unit, you can cool and get free hot water at the same time!
In this way, you can save money and recover in a few time the small additional investment required by iSeries, compared with a traditional solution made by air conditioning + electric boiler.



iSeries system controls: TC43 and WB43



iSeries system have been updated with two brand new control systems: TC43 and WB43. TC43 is the new control provided with a 5” capacitive touchscreen; WB43 is a pure web gateway which is capable to manage iSeries heat pumps using third party devices such as PC, iPad or Smartphone. Let’s see more in details the most important features and functions offered by these two controls. Main purpose of both of them is to provide all indoor units management. Each control can be connected up to 4 iSeries systems (4 outdoor units). Using a TC43 is very simple: you can input the settings with the touchscreen or using external devices connected with the control via wifi or Ethernet LAN. As already stated, WB43 operation always requires a third party device;  the control and  the devices will communicate using a local network. Anyway, whether you are using a WB43 or a TC43, you will need no apps or special programs: a simple web browser will be enough (all major releases are supported: Safari, Chrome, IE, Firefox…). Web browser will operate with the control like with an internet page. This choice offers two big advantages: a very simple way to use the new controls and a big compatibility with any devices with a web browser installed. Remote access is also available, using a 3G/4G connection or a public wifi.



A wide range of operational functions can be managed or checked with both controls: air to air indoor units parameters as well as DHW set point or underfloor heating water temperature. You can also set different rules in order to switch on and off all the indoor units, in this way it will be very simple to create your personal scheduling (working days, weekend, vacation time…). A multi profiles function is available: you can create several users’ accounts on a single command (end users or technicians) customizing the experience. Technical users, tipically installers or service people, will be able to use a special function called AcTools. This option provides a solid real time tool used to deep checking how the heat pump system is operating. They will be, also, able to record log files which could be analyzed and shared.

TC43 and WB43 are very easy to install: you need to connect just the BUS communication line and a 12 VDC power input. TC43 is designed to be installed on the wall while WB43 can be easy placed in any technical room.

For more details click here.

schema tcwb